Lilly & Wyatt | Engagement In Downtown Austin, TX

 Lilly & Wyatt! These two are so much fun! I love their story! You can see how in love they are by their photos, it is clear they are home to one another.

Their first date was at Amy's Ice Cream, so naturally, we ended their engagement session at the downtown location. Apparently, on their first date, the only table available was a kid's table, so at the end of the shoot, they treated me to some ice cream, and we took the last few photos at the kid's table at Amy's. It was pretty perfect! Some of my favorite photos are when we went into Trader Joe's, and Wyatt had some ideas for photos, and they turned out so good! 😄

Make sure not to miss the mini ice cream cone at the end! 😉🍦

This series of photos has to be one of my favorites! Wyatt had some ideas for the photos, and they were a hit. 😄